Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Colleagues, laser enthusiasts!

It is my great pleasure to invite you to the 2nd Congress of the Polish Society for Laser Dentistry, which will be held on 24-25 November 2017 in Kraków. This is a unique event for everyone – both those who can’t imagine everyday work without a laser and those just wanting to explore its capabilities in dental office.

The Congress’s scientific programme will show a broad perspective on the use of lasers in dentistry, will provide objective knowledge and will feature different approaches to treatment methods. We invited the most outstanding Polish and foreign experts to Kraków. We didn’t have to wait for their confirmation of participation, which is what we consider as proof of the proper direction of development of Polish laser dentistry.

The biggest names and the highest level of knowledge will come to Kraków. As in 2015, for the first edition of Congress, the Congress will be attended by those who lead the development of laser dentistry. Not only do they know the capabilities of lasers, they are also able to talk about them in an interesting, understandable and intriguing way. Professor Norbert Gutknecht, prof. Stefano Benedicenti, prof. Umberto Romeo, prof. Marzena Dominiak, prof. Małgorzata Pietruska, PhD Elżbieta Dembowska and many others will invite you on a fantastic journey – full of interesting case studies, with countless scientific evidence and very practical subjective insights.

The 2nd Congress of the Polish Society for Laser Dentistry will be accompanied by an exhibition of dental equipment. Specialists will uncover all the practical secrets of using lasers, invite you to test their equipment, and offer the best possible shopping offer. Among the exhibitors will also be a number of friendly publishers, that regularly support the development of laser dentistry in Poland.

I now assure you that the 2nd Congress of the Polish Society for Laser Dentistry will also be an opportunity to integrate the environment, meet many friends and have fun. And it’s all in Kraków – the city with the best possible environment.

The organizers of the event are the Polish Society for Laser Dentistry and Exactus. Sponsors: BTL (platinum), Kol-dental and Marku (gold), Lasotronix and Straumann (silver).

I strongly encourage you to visit the Congress official website – – and to follow our Facebook profile.


Kinga Grzech-Leśniak, MD

Chairman of the Organizing Committee